DeShawn Chapman
DeShawn Chapman's Fundraiser

Together, we can end homelessness for men and women with SMI

Join me and help make a difference. Please give today.

$1,000 towards $5,141

Cake in the City is making a come back to support real change through Dave's House. Together, we are helping to end homelessness for men and women with serious mental illness.

We are fundraising through Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 4-10, 2020. Let’s support good in the world, make a difference, and eat cake too!

Just a small donation will go a long way to help me meet my fundraising goal of $5,141 for Dave's House. To "sweeten" the pot, donate $100 or more and I will send you an original Cake in the City pound cake recipe AND a personal invitation to a private Zoom party where we will customize, bake, and decorate cake with you! Cake in the City owners will provide lots of fun and baking tips just in time for the holidays!

I thank you for helping Dave's House make a different in the lives of people with serious mental illness.