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Join us in ending homelessness for people with SMI.

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Giving People a Solid, Safe and Affordable Home

At Dave’s House, we work to help residents live their best life, supporting men and women with serious mental illness rebuild their lives, escaping homelessness and living in a supportive home. They are people in our community who did not have a home, or a family to give them care, or a financial support system.

Our Residents, Succeeding in Life

They are people like Steven, who is moving forward with his life and positively impacting his housemates and the community. He says that his Dave's House home has given him a sense of safety and stability through affordable rent and ongoing mental health treatment.

Steven (pictured above with Bebe) works at the snack bar at Kate's Place Clubhouse. Here, Dave's House residents and Aspire Health Partners' transitional housing residents socialize, cook lunch, tend their community garden, organize their thrift store and develop personal and professional life skills.

Steven has been cooking for his housemates a lot, introducing them to his vegetarian diet. One housemate attributes his weight loss to Steven's healthy cooking! “We get along really well, and we look out for each other. It’s a family,” says Steven.

Many of our Central Florida residents like Johnson, pictured below, are also learned seed-to-table gardening with their home gardens and the garden at Kate's Place Clubhouse.

Together, we are making an impact. Our work has ended homelessness for over 100 men and women with serious mental illness since 2008. We still have much to do, and many more men and women in our community to help.

Helping More Men and Women with SMI

In Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties, over 2,000 people are homeless. Nearly 20% of these people have serious mental illness. Dave’s House is focusing on key growth areas:

  • Lower Barriers: Provide services at existing homeless facilities to reach people in their neighborhood
  • Advocate with Community Voice: Lead the SMI Coalition, a Central Florida Housing & Services Network to maximize services through community partnerships
  • Expand Housing: Continue our development and operations planning for a Dave’s House Residential Community
  • Resident Development Programs: Continue development of proprietary programs and partnerships including our Champions Mentor and Dave’s House 360° Resident Development Programs that offer personal and professional education and employment opportunities

Please join us in our work to end homelessness for people with serious mental illness. We thank you for helping us change lives.

As a Dave’s House Key Ring member, you can make every day better for our residents with a monthly gift which provides us monthly program funding we can rely on. Your monthly gift of $15, $30, $45 or any amount of your choosing helps us create more homes. Just click “Make this a monthly donation” when making your online donation.

As a Key Ring Business Partner, entrepreneurs, service providers and small businesses can donate:

  • per transaction (ex: 10% of each commission for home sold by a realtor), or
  • per sales or revenue, monthly or quarterly

It can be a dynamic component of your social responsibility program, sharing with your customers how the patronage of your business is making a different in the lives of men and women with serious mental illness, who are no longer homeless and are living in recovery. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!

Thank you for your support of Dave’s House, and for your important part in changing lives. We truly cannot do what we do without you and others like you.

Further Info

Ellen O’Connor | Executive Director | 407-457-1282 | ellen@daveshouse.org

Sarah Hawthorne | Business Partners Volunteer | 407-376-9601 | S.Hawthorne@KW.com